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drum instructor Mike Long plays West African djembe

Mike Long

I played a variety of percussion growing up in middle and high school. After many years of “air drumming”, I heard the wonderful sound of West African music, performed by the band Rhythmicity, and jumped on a Djembe. Soon after, I joined Rhythmicity and have been hooked on the music ever since.

In 2019, I joined my good friends in the band, One Tribe and have thoroughly enjoyed playing all kinds of events.

I consider myself a student of the Djembe and have had the privilege to learn from Bolokada Conde, Mohamed DaCosta, Fode Camara, Aly Camara, Amo Damas,  Marietou Cisse, Ronnie Pulley, Beverly Botsford, and Robin “Bountourabi” Leftwich. I am a Certified Associate Instructor having graduated from the Tam Tam Mandingue School under the tutelage of Bill Scheidt of TTM Winston-Salem in 2015.

Homestead Drumming

I thoroughly enjoy teaching and helping folks with their specific goals along their rhythmic journey. Now I would like to expand those learning opportunities. To that end, I am excited to announce my business “Homestead Drumming”.

Founded in 2017, Homestead Drumming is dedicated to educating students on West African rhythms by providing individual and group lessons and workshops and encouraging community involvement.

Homestead Drumming can be reached at or 919-889-5159.