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Homestead Drumming

Teaching West African Rhythms, Music and Percussion

Homestead Drumming teacher Mike Long with West African percussion instruments in Cary NC

Offering individual and group classes and workshops

Homestead Drumming is dedicated to educating students on West African rhythms by providing individual and group lessons and workshops and encouraging community involvement.

Depending on the class, participants will learn traditional West African rhythms (and some not so traditional) including djembe accompaniments and dunun parts, and the cultural significance of the rhythm.  We may also learn specific djembe skills such as improving sound, rolls, solo-techniques, and dunun techniques for traditional and ballet duns, stick control, and other topics such as krin and performance preparation and more!

Serving the music community in Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Chapel Hill and surrounding areas.

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Homestead Drumming teacher Mike Long with West African percussion instrument balafon at One Tribe drum circle in Raleigh

What attendees are saying:

Mike is a caring and upbeat teacher, who adjusts his style to the needs of each student.  He creates a drumming environment where creativity thrives and tradition is honored.

Donna, Raleigh NC

Contact Mike:

Email or 919-889-5159