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Homestead Drumming

Teaching West African Rhythms, Music and Percussion

Drum Classes

Homestead Drumming offers a variety of classes, lessons and workshops.

Drum for Fun!

Offered Sunday mornings from 10:30-11:45.

“Drumming for Fun!” is for beginners and experienced beginners focusing on having fun, learning basic techniques, exploring your inner rhythm and learning traditional West African rhythms, its’ history and basic rhythm patterns on the drums. No pressure, no stress, just drum for fun! No experience is required and some loaner Djembes are available (please inquire)!

 Contact me at or (919) 889-5159 for more information and to register.

There is a fee of $15 per class and registration is required.


students taking a W African drum class at Homestead Drumming with Mike Long in Cary NC

Sunday Afternoon Workshops

Sunday Afternoon Workshops are offered most Sunday afternoons from 1:00pm until 3:00pm.  These workshops are designed for experienced drummers and pre-qualification is required.   Contact me at or (919) 889-5159 to discuss.

The workshops can take on various formats including:

  • General Sessions – focused on reviewing material from classes and/or DIT, related music theory, etc.
  • Specific Sessions – focused on specific skills including sound, rolls, speed, solo-techniques, ternary rhythms, krin, ballet duns, stick control, performance preparation, related music theory, etc.

Agendas will be sent via email prior to each workshop.

There is a fee of $20 for each two hour workshop.

Thursday Night Class

Thursday Night Class is similar to the Sunday Afternoon Workshop.  This class is offered Thursday nights from 7:00-8:30.

There is a fee of $15 for each class. 

Individual and Small Group Lessons

I thoroughly enjoy teaching individual and small group lessons helping folks with their specific goals along their rhythmic journey. Contact me at or (919) 889-5159 to discuss specific goals and scheduling.

There is a fee of $30 per hour lesson.

Other Classes

In addition, Homestead Drumming offers beginner snare drum and drum kit lessons.  Contact me at or (919) 889-5159 to for more information.


Details are:
Address will be given when you register.

Mike Long
Music Room (at my house)
Cary, NC 27513
(919) 889-5159